Group comics books reading

Group comics books reading.



On Monday, I walked around the campus to find some graffiti. It was hard to find graffiti because some of them had new paint in the wall. I found this thing in Art&Design building. This word is very familiar in school life. So many students use this word every time. It expresses the stress. The writer tried to appear their own stress in the wall. One wall has three writer and they feel same way. I felt “Woo!” includes so many things. It could be blame the school work or it could be no meaning or other things that I could not imagine but the bottom writer changed the “Woo!” to complaining school life by “School sucks” so reader can conclude their thoughts of “Woo!” means. Finally, the third writer intense the writing by using strong word in it. When I saw this, it reminds me how hard to be in college as living alone without family, so many works, failing test, not enough sleep, relationship with other people. Graffiti is not familiar in school but I think this is the one of great way to express their thoughts and release the stress.

This street graffiti reminds me many things. It includes political meaning and social meaning. There are so many crime and bad things happening in the world. For example, people kill other people for their purpose. Also people the bad things for satisfying their desire as raping their own daughter. When I watch the news in television, I always feel furious and sorry to many people. People and animal is not different. People could be worse than animal. My cousin is lawyer and he tells me about the crime he experience in his work. One of shocking stories is that the father raped his first daughter who was a teenager for 10years and later his daughter tried stop his father but it didn’t go well because father blackmailed her, “if you not doing with me, I am going to rape my second daughter” so the first daughter was rapped more time. Finally, the mother realized this happening and sued him. This story was definitely showing that people are animal. This street graffiti explained very well about the world situation. It needs change right now.

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This was a particularly funny graffiti image. It portrays a cheating partner caught in the act, with her secret lover dangling from the window while her significant other searches for the other man. ImageThis is an ironic portrayal of graffiti. it is graffiti saying to call a hotline if you need graffiti removal. But the number has graffiti over it so no one can actually call. Maybe the graffiti removal service should clean up that graffiti covering the number.Image

This “homeless” man graffiti isn’t necessarily asking for money. He actually wants “change.” Change means in this graffiti analysis, change in the world or change within himself.

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